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So hai guys c:

Just this morning I logged onto my Tumblr and started looking through all my earlier posts..

I realised how much fun I had had doing all of this..

So I’m wondering, and this is all your decision.

Should I start up this account again?

Well, I never thought I’d be saying this my lovelies.


I’m no longer using the blog.

It has been an AMAZING few months, using this blog. I GOT 341 FOLLOWERS, which makes me happy. But lately, things have been pretty low for me.

I’ve also deleted my Kik and Skype.

If you actually DO feel the need to get in touch with me, theres always my facebook, which the link to that is on my blog page, but I’ll post it here again for you c:

I wish you all the very very VERY best of luck c:

Remember; You’re all Barbie girls in your own special ways.

Thank you all so much,

Sarah xo

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Hoii guise!

Well I am feeling much better lately, but, I do have other things to tend to!:D 

I hope to be able to post something in the next three days. I’m wishing you all the VERY best!

Sarah xo

Anonymous: rip may :c </3 she will be 5eva missed


Hi guys!

I hope things are well for you, but I am very sorry to disappoint, as..

One of the greatest people in my life killed themselves.

May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

I won’t be online for a little bit.. I am grieving. Thanks so much for following me. Good luck guys.

Stay beautiful

Sarah xo

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